Promotion / Relegation Policy

One hiccup directors have is dealing with the challenge of player assignment for skill division competition. Invariably, questions arise when players sign up for certain skill divisions, and many express concerns about “sandbagging.” The CRA has implemented a Promotion/Relegation policy to help players determine which skill events they may enter, and assist tournament directors in developing fair and competitive draws.

So, you have won a couple tournaments, but not exactly sure when you should move up to the next division… or perhaps your skills have diminished and you’re no longer competitive in the event you’ve traditionally played. The new policy wasn’t designed to assign ranking or level to each player – but to examine players based on their tournament results. That being said, not all tournaments are comparable, and will be evaluated based on the participation and level of competition.

The CRA will designate a Ranking Committee of at least three individuals that will review each promotion or relegation situation as it arises. The committee will use all available information to make the best possible decision, using the following guidelines:


  • If a player wins their respective event in more than one tournament within a reasonable period of time, the player may be promoted to the next skill level. [Note: the size and quality of the division’s draw at these smaller events will be given consideration prior to promoting a player.]
  • If a player wins a premiere event (i.e. State or Regional Championships, IRT, Pepsi Cup), provided the division’s draw is adequate size and quality, the player may be promoted to the next skill level. [Note: Winning a round robin draw with 3 participants may not necessitate promotion. Winning a competitive draw of 16 would likely necessitate promotion.]
  • A player may be promoted to a higher skill level if they sign up for an event that is obviously below their known skill level. For example, an ‘A’ player attempting to play ‘C’ doubles will be promoted.


  • If a player desires to return to a division he/she previously won, the player may apply to the Ranking Committee after 13 months have passed since the last win. The player must submit a written application providing an explanation supporting their request.
  • Injured or aging players may appeal to the Ranking Committee for permission to drop down to the next lower skill level. The player must submit a written application providing an explanation supporting their request.
  • Players who play with their “off” hand may drop down one skill level. However, they must establish a different identity in R2sports for playing with their “off” hand. They must play with that same hand throughout their matches while registered under that identity.

The provisions outlined in the CRA’s policy are intended to provide clarity regarding promotion and relegation. The policies are not intended to interfere with the discretion of individual tournament directors, as provided by the official rules of racquetball [A.1(c)]. If you have any questions related to the CRA’s policy, please contact me at

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