Instructors & Experts

Find certified INSTRUCTORS in Colorado, by sorting lists at the USAR-IP and AmPRO pages.

Just want to hit with a certain frame, or find out more about the major manufacturers and their equipment lines? Contact a sponsored player!


Primary rep: Jon Dellinger, 720-872-6577

James Kostal, 307-259-2343

Ektelon [ 1964-2017 ]

GearBox / Anthony Herrera


Primary rep: Andrew Rodriguez, 303-229-7782

Veteran rep: Marcia Richards, 303-738-9797

Chris Crisman, 303-431-9004 (Arvada)

Dan Davis, 303-690-0369 (Aurora)

Glenn Davis, 303- 635-0101 (Westminster)

John Garcia, 719-778-3558 (Pueblo)

Howard Garland, 970-260-5421 (Delta)

Ralph Graham (Denver)

Matt Melster, 719-568-7988 (Pueblo)

Sammy Payne, 719-532-0112 (COS)


Primary rep: Peter McMillin, 509-539-0030

Art Prott, 303-888-6021


Cara, Zach & Carol Pellowski (Grand Junction)

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