Off-Schedule & Off Site Play

Adopted Spring 2015, RE: playing off schedule and playing off site. To address liability and management concerns, new rules have been adopted for use at CRA-run events.

The first involves playing matches off schedule without authorization from the tournament desk. When players ask to play a match early, (possibly even one set for the following day) we check to see if we can make it work, given the complex demands of any schedule with so many moving parts. At times, when we’ve been unable to accommodate such a request, the players have grabbed what they feel is an empty court and played anyway. This results in TDs being unaware of having an available court to assign, which then backs up everyone else who is checked-in and waiting to play on time. The disruption caused by an unassigned match being played without approval, without a referee, and without a scorecard, will no longer be permitted.

The second, and similar, issue involves playing matches off site – which also presents a number of its own problems. When tournaments are sanctioned, specific venues are recorded for insurance coverage, making any match played elsewhere at risk. In addition to potential liability concerns, off site matches are often played without referees, governance or oversight – and without benefit of a tournament committee to assure that proper eyeguards are worn, equipment is safe, or rule on important questions or disputes.

In reviewing both situations, the CRA Board voted unanimously that, if either occurs, the match result will not be accepted. The early match will remain in the lineup to be played as scheduled; the venue will expect players to check in to play at the designated facility. If opponents fail to show up when and where the match is scheduled, the result will be entered as a double forfeit.

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