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Colorado High School Championships 2019

Joe Deville might be ready for prime time after winning the B18U advanced, since it looks like he already has a sideline coach and a fan club – all in one. Congratulations!

It may have been a Saturday assignment, but it sure wasn’t detention! On April 6 at Highlands Ranch, 28 students representing 7 different area high schools spent the day in healthy competition at the CRA sponsored Colorado High School Championships.

Students from Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo had a great time testing their skills to determine champions in beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of play.

Highlands Ranch RB coordinator Dan Davis was aided by co-CRA Board members Marcia Richards and Kim Pedrie, along with top open player C.J. Sanders and plenty of supportive parents who helped keep everyone on task and well-fed throughout the day.

2019 Colorado High School Tournament Results

Pictured, top row (l-r): Jonathan Aden-Griffin, Kathay Velprin, Leo Pinzon, Daniel Busekrus, Maddox Loyd. Bottom row (l-r): Nate Hartling, Caleb Shaw, Gavin Seltz, Elliot Mault, Holden Kochmore. [added photos courtesy parents]

G14U: 1. Alana, 2. Vicki Wong
B14U: 1. Gavin Seltz, 2. Andreus Hoganson
B16U: 1. Ryan Latourrette
B18U: 1. Leo Pinzon, 2. Mitchel Goette

B14U: 1. Caleb Shaw, 2. Ian Wheelock
B16U: 1. Maddox Loyd, 2. Logan Weingandt
B18U: 1. Brendan O’keefe, 2. Jonathan Aden-Griffen

B14U: 1. Nate Hartling, 2. Elliot Mault
B16U: 1. Daniel Busekrus, 2. Holden Koch
B18U: 1. Joe Deville, 2. Ahbi Bhandavi
G18U: 1. Khathay Velprin


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