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Alex Brown – grew up playing racquetball in Michigan, starting at the age of 13, and was tapped as an All-American in his senior year of high school. After taking some time off to play college tennis, he returned to racquetball in 2015 when he moved to Colorado. He joined the CRA Board in 2019 and quickly took on administrative and officer roles that helped guide the sport through the impacts of Covid on local events. He continues to compete regularly, playing out of the Denver Athletic Club and LifeTime Fitness in Denver.

Matt Dockter – was introduced to racquetball tournaments while attending Montana State University. The generosity of the MT racquetball community, offering floor space to sleep and warm welcomes, transformed his athletic pursuit into a network of lifelong friendships. It’s how he met his wife, Michelle (Sikorski), and together with their children, Nathan and Zoey, they travel to play and support tournaments from Cody, WY to Las Vegas. A board member since 2016, Matt is dedicated to revitalizing racquetball, fostering community spirit, and enhancing participation at all levels.

Jacob Kingsford – is on the cusp of becoming a professional racquetball player, mountaineer, and an entrepreneur. He became inspired to lead, alongside others on the sport’s front lines who drive important initiatives, after learning from mentors how to successfully manage friendships, family, and career. He’s committed to helping athletes from other sports understand what’s in it for them to take up racquetball, plus he brings unique insights to the question of why so many long-time players just won’t allow the sport to die.

Marcia Richards – has been involved in the sport for over 40 years, serving on the Louisiana Racquetball board prior to moving to Colorado 26 years ago. She has volunteered on the CRA Board continuously since 1999 (leading as President, 2003-2013) and spent many of those years as a top-ranked singles player before falling in love with doubles. After successful knee and ankle replacement surgeries, a renewed love for the game shifted her focus to the master’s circuit, where she excelled and was honored with an induction into the National Masters Hall of Fame in 2019.

April Settell – has been involved for over 30 years in the Colorado racquetball community, both as a competitor and administrator. She first served on the CRA Board between 2001-2010, spending much of that term supporting tournaments behind-the-scenes by managing event hospitality, from State Championships to the US Open. On court, she continues to enjoy playing, competing and improving. Off court, her primary goal is to enhance the sport’s popularity among women and girls to help re-grow the game.

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