Fast ... Fun ... Fitness

From the first time you step on a court, you'll enjoy fast-paced action that gets you into top shape. Racquetball burns 600-800 calories/hour. Photo: John Foust.

Easy to Learn ... and Master

Whatever your level - from beginner to pro - you'll enjoy the finest places to play, with some of the nation's best players. You'll be hooked before you know it!

Play ... Compete ... Win

CRA is the official state association representing USA Racquetball, and offers year-round sanctioned tournament competition throughout Colorado.

Excitement ... Your Way

Racquetball is a sport for a lifetime - and boasts a high member retention rate - from recreational enthusiasts to national champions.

Plenty of Competition

Colorado Racquetball has something for every level of player ... year-round ... from leagues and sanctioned competition, to shuttles and pick-up recreational play. Check out the Tournaments tab for the latest details, and get on the court today!

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Official Rules of Play
Official Rules of Play
Visit USA Racquetball to download a PDF copy of the rules, or ask a question.
USA Racquetball
USA Racquetball
USA Racquetball is recognized by the US Olympic as the official national governing body for the sport.

Historic Racquetball in the Rockies

Colorado has a rich history in this popular sport, filling courts at elite facilities in the 80s and boasting a steady stream of amateur national champions and professional tour athletes today. Find everything you need to enjoy Racquetball in the Rockies ... right here! From great places to play and friendly opponents - to industry experts and talented instructors. Get connected with the sport you love, mile-high.

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