vol_TDsThe CRA boasts one of the most talented and experienced volunteer teams of Tournament Directors and support staff to assure success for sanctioned events. While the CRA Board tends to take on the lion’s share of setup and coordination at State events, they’re joined by plenty of generous donors of time and talent at tournament desks statewide. Pictured L-R >> standing: Peter McMillan, Avril Haemmerle, Dennis Chandler; seated: Marcia Richards, Larry Haemmerle. Photo courtesy John Foust.

And although he’s recently been called out of state (sadly relocated to Iowa!), former Volunteer Coordinator Dennis Chandler compiled the annotated list* shown below, from assignment lists over the past year (links call up USA Racquetball player profiles).

! Thank YOU !

  • Amanda Blender: great volunteer, has learned a lot about the R2 system
  • Kathleen Erickson: great help, gaining ground with the R2 system
  • Eric Hipp: rookie volunteer but quick study on R2 system
  • Briana Jacquet: loves to help, especially with registration
  • Eric Jacquet: always willing to jump in and help (except with reffing :))
  • Nancy Manilla: head of Team Manilla, loves to help with T-shirts and food
  • Peter McMillan: great volunteer and really good ref
  • Kerry Rohweder: recent volunteer, loves to help out, especially with reffing
  • Shannin Rudman: new volunteer, but has really stepped forward to help
  • CJ Sanders: new volunteer, loves to help
  • April Settell: if you’ve enjoyed hospitality at a tournament in the last decade, thank April!
  • Craig Shaddy: new volunteer, recruited from Nationals
  • Janelle Williams: expert in managing team setup and standings for RFTC & Pepsi Cup

*Did we overlook you? Just send an email with your own, self-described “favorite duty” and we’ll correct that right away! You’ll also find special recognitions and added thanks on the CRA Facebook page … submitted by assorted hard-working TDs and grateful players.

Want to add your skills to the mix? Contact any Board Member to volunteer!

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